Wrap Around Air Intake Filters

Posted on 15th June 2017

RABScreen Wrap Around

RABScreen Wrap Around Filter Screen

The RABScreen Wrap Around filter is available in “a one size fits all”, cut-to-fit style using black PVC coated polyester high abrasion media.

Simply wrap the filter around the outer perimeter of the air intake coil fins and secure in place with the elastic bungee cord hook attachments.

Trim off excess filter material with a knife or scissors.

Built with durability in mind, the RABScreen Wrap Around filter will stand up to hostile environments including corrosive areas, UV exposure and fluctuating weather conditions.

It is easily removed and cleaned by spraying with a mild detergent and then rinsing with water.

Alternatively use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove the captured debris such as:
  • Pollen
  • Insects
  • Trafficdust
  • Construction dust
  • Litter
Available in 38ʺ x 110ʺ (965mm x 2794mm) each filter is supplied with 3 off 20ʺ (508mm) bungee cords. A low cost air intake screen for those smaller units. 
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