Atishoo and RABScreen Air Intake Bonnet Filters

Posted on 14th November 2022

Northwood Hygiene Products Limited is one of the few companies in the UK that is vertically integrated and involved from the raw material supply through to end-user product conversion.

The start of the cycle starts with over 40,000 tonnes of recycled paper and ends up as toilet tissue, paper towels, and professional wiping products.

Following a call from the site engineering team at Penygroes and subsequently the Engineering Manager of the new factory in Telford, RABScreen were asked to provide filtration advice for the motor cooling fans and electrical control panel coolers.

The problem caused by paper manufacturing & processing is the paper fines that are discharged in the process. These fines are floating in the air & so anything that requires cooling will be affected.

In the new Telford plant, the manufacturer had placed filters in front of the cooling fans but these became clogged very quickly and required regular cleaning. This task would take 20 minutes for each of the two filters and could only be done with the production line shut down losing 2500m/min. 

The machinery is housed within an acoustic enclosure and its control panels were located outside. Even so, these control panels were still getting covered in paper fines.

Basically, there were three problems that required a solution:

·         Preventing contamination of the control panel cooling air intakes.

·         Reducing the filter cleaning time.

·         Ensuring sufficient supply air reached the cooling fan.

The RABScreen R2 rigid filter with magnetic strip was chosen to protect the control panel. Easily removed using its integral pull tab this filter can be cleaned and replaced in minutes. Our Bonnet Sock “air net” was the solution for the circular cooling fans. Using an elasticated border, the dirty filter is easy to remove and replace with the spare. The changeover period is less than a minute saving 19 minutes of precious manufacturing time. The “air net” has a low airflow resistance and could be vacuumed in place if necessary.


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