Coil Maintenance is Crucial to Efficient Cooling Systems

Posted on 8th November 2017

If you are involved with Building Services, you will recognise the above statement as one of the pre-cursors of effective PPM’s.

It’s not just old systems that need cleaning. In fact, the newer and more efficient your HVAC system is, the more likely it is to benefit from regular coil inspection and cleaning. These newer systems operate at greatly increased pressures and are less tolerant of increases in static pressure.

While clean coils have always been important, today’s higher-efficiency units require more efficient heat transfer across larger surface areas to function at their highest capacity.

New units with high SEER ratings often have variable-speed fan motors that adjust speed based on demand; however, they lose much of their effectiveness when forced to run harder than necessary due to coil clogging.

Coil clogging - this is what you are protected from with a RABScreen

The condenser coil is exposed to unfiltered outside air containing dust, leaves, seeds, pollen and more.

Contaminants attach themselves to the fins of the cooling coil. Over time, they become etched into the surface to provide a secure holding. This eats away at the cooling coil and over time degenerates the cooling coil’s ability to perform efficient heat transfer. The solution for coil corrosion is to remove contaminants through maintenance. The alternative is to replace the cooling coil, which comes at a greater cost than coil maintenance.

Professional HVAC technicians will tell you that effective cooling coil maintenance provides cost savings in energy consumption.

At RABScreen we assert that prevention is far better than the cure. That is why we introduced the unique RABScreen external filter which can protect any air intake on any air movement system.

Our partners, Blue Sky Cooling Limited, offer a professional coil cleaning service which, if necessary, can also include total replacement.

Whenever we install the RABScreen air intake screen to protect the coil from airborne debris we will always ensure that it is cleaned and inspected in advance.

For further details of just how we can protect and enhance the performance of your cooling systems just call 0800 999 5750 or email info@rabscreen today.

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