Recycling Filtration

Posted on 13th June 2017

The only problem with running a high efficiency recycling centre is exactly that.

By the nature of the beast a recycling centre creates debris and in this particular case further contamination came from the local land fill site.

Filter changes were a weekly task. Energy efficiency could not be maintained and the cost of new filters and the labour involved made this a significant problem.

Bearings and more in Wallingford contacted RABScreen to solve this issue for their client.

Using a combination of wrap around and magnetic air intake filter screens all of the AC and AHU plant was protected.

And the best thing of all?

RABScreen air intake filter screens are reusable time and time again and will last up to ten years.

You could say that they are recycling filtration. For more information just use our contact form

Peter Webb or Bearings and more said "Not only were they effective but installation was very easy. A great product with a great future in the UK"
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