How is an air intake screen made?

Posted on 7th December 2022

How do you make an air intake screen?

It seems simple doesn’t it.

Some mesh sewn together with a border and also, subject to design and customer demand, fitted with eyelets.

You could do it yourself.

Bang! Air quality improved, filtration sorted, particulate stopped and everyone is happy. Or are they?

PreVent Electrostatic Mesh

PreVent filter media is an engineered polypropylene and polyester mesh with intrinsic electrostatic properties. It has a high captivity rate due to its electrostatic nature and yet has a very low resistance to airflow. Important attributes for an air filter and even more important for an air intake screen. This is not the kind of mesh that you would normally associate with a fly screen or other garden mesh available from your local retailer. When you buy an air intake screen from RABScreen you do get the engineered mesh for maximum efficiency. It is also:

Custom-sized to fit any equipment air intake or ventilation inlet and outlet challenge, including those requiring pipe and electrical cut-outs, and special shapes.

No size too big, including extra-large equipment like cooling towers. Unlike other commercial air filters.

Multiple mounting options including easy, no-drill installation with MagnaMount® earth magnets to improve air quality in all environments.

Stands up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high-velocity air flow and industrial cleaning and maintenance to improve indoor air quality.

Cause less than 1% change in system discharge pressure with high efficiency particles capture for high efficiency protection from contaminants and improved performance.

Has a low 5-55 pascal initial resistance to air flow, dependent on the filter media and number of layers required for industrial and commercial air filtration.

UV Protected and heat stabilised and suitable for all systems.

Washable and easy to clean without specialist cleaners.

Will not shed fibres, absorb moisture, or promote bacterial growth with a MERV 6 rating.

UL Classified as to Flammability Only – UL900 Compliant

Whatever the climate, whatever the environmental challenges, our superior products are ideally-equipped to meet your filtration requirements for a clean, fresh, healthy working environment that promotes greater overall productivity and protection from airborne contaminants.

Vinyl Border

We offer two border edges using marine quality vinyl in either 38mm or 64mm width which are pre-formed and sewn onto the media using a high strength marine quality thread. This creates a border width of 19mm or 32mm. The 32mm border can be fitted with 6.5mm or 9.5mm grommets.

The BHA air filter media can be used in pad form without any form of border which reduces the overall cost by removing the vinyl, sewing and grommets. Great for OEM’s who just want the media.

The BHC multi-layer honeycomb mesh does require some additional protection. This is available with 19mm and 32mm marine vinyl or it can be sonic welded to create a solid edge.

6.5mm grommet with stitching screw9.5mm grommet for use with screw fix or MagnaMount fixings.

Grommets or eyelets

These are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and are like those used on boat tarps or covers. The grommets are punched into the finished border at pre-determined spacings which are adjusted to the size of the filter edge to ensure even distribution. The double thickness vinyl border and the rolled stainless steel grommet create a secure and heavy duty fixing point for the air intake screen filters.

The smaller 6.5mm grommet is perfect for standard 6.3mm stitching screw fixing and fits the grommet hole diameter of 6.5mm diameter.

If required, the spacings can be set to match your drawings. However, we would ask that you produce dimensional drawings in inches, as the product is cut and prepared in the Chicago factory.

AIr intake screens in action.

Alternatives to rectangular or square

Standard alternatives include circular or triangular.

Other alternatives per your drawing – any shape or size and fixing configuration 

Any size or shape as long as you draw it.Intake fans with elasticated circular filters

Preparing for manufacture

Cutting out the air intake screen requires a bit of space and, although it could be done on a small table, we prefer our large cutting benches complete with industrial sewing machines.

Once the mesh has been cut the additional items are then added to the process:

·         Sonic welded border

·         Pocket marine vinyl border

·         Marine vinyl border

·         Marine grade stainless steel grommets

·         Velcro® hook and loop border

·         Design per drawing

And what else?

The above filter types form the bulk of the factory output. However, we can also offer folded or pressed metallic frames.

Folded frames are available as follows:

·         Exclusive Accumulator Chamber design for maximum performance and air filtration.

·         Drain holes strategically placed in frame for thorough cleaning.

·         Average arrestance efficiency 89%.

·         Dust holding capacity 120 grams.

·         Initial air flow resistance 50 pascal.

·         MERV rating 6.

·         Available in any custom size you require up to 1,000 sq. ins.

Over 1,000 sq. ins. is available but requires special handling and not warrantied.

·         Filter comes in a 1/2″, 1″, 2″ or 4″ thick galvanised steel frame.

·         Stainless steel or aluminium frames are available.

·         UL Classified as to Flammability Only.

·         Five-year warranty.

Accumulator Chamber Construction

Model HFA Installed in Filter Bank Captures Dirt

 These air intake filters provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to standard panel filters. Rather than throw away they are simply rinsed clean to remove debris build up. Once dry, simply place them back into service. Currently used on cruise liners, water parks and processing factories. With a guaranteed five year warranty you will buy as many as twenty disposable filters to perform the same duty.

Pressed metallic frames

Keep your compressors, portable cooling, process equipment and food service display coolers running clean. PreVent Model R is a rigid, steel framed air intake protection air filter that captures airborne dirt and debris before they can enter your equipment. PreVent air intake filters extend the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs, cleaning costs and utility bills.  Custom designed to fit the exact perimeter of any air intake, it is available with several mounting options, which allow this filter to be attached easily and securely to the outside of an air intake.  Model R air filters can slide into air filter holding channels or be finished with our patented magnetic mount strips used for flat surface indoor equipment applications, or a Z bracket to keep multiple intake filters side-by-side.

  • Custom-sized to fit equipment air intake or ventilation inlet and outlet challenge.

  • Encased in a 1/8″-3/8″ thick rigid steel frame depending upon requirements.

  • Stands up to outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

  • Sizes over 1,000 sq. ins. are not recommended.

  • Z bracket is available to keep multiple intake filters side-by-side.

  • Average Arrestance Efficiency R1=44.5% and R2=63.6%.

  • Dust Holding Capacity R1=53 grams and R2=61 grams.

  • Has a low 5-15 pascal initial resistance to air flow, depending on the number of filter media layers required and air quality required.

  • Washable. Easy to remove particulate and contaminants.

  • UV Protected and heat stabilised. Suitale for all environments.

  • UL Classified as to Flammability Only – UL900 Compliant.

  • Five-year warranty Model R; Two-year warranty magnetic filter attachment

  • Patent No. US 6,793,715

Model R1 and Model R2 are constructed with one or two layers of three-dimensional black honeycomb (BHC) polypropylene electrostatic media, encased in a rigid black stainless-steel frame. Air filtration provides excellent commercial air quality.

Model PREVENT-R100 to PREVENT-R1000 is constructed with two layers of black BHC polypropylene electrostatic media, wire reinforcement encased in a rigid black stainless steel frame with magnetic stripping around perimeter – cloth pull-tab is installed on the shortest side. High efficiency, commercial air filters.

 Industries Served

Beverage Dispensers, Compressors, Computers, Data Center, Electronics, Food Service, HVACR, Ice Machines, Industrial Applications, Industrial Enclosures, Military, Portable Cooling, Power Generation, PTAC, Reach In Coolers, Refrigerated Display Cases, Telecom, Transportation, Wind Turbine

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