Air intake screens - a different kind of filter

Posted on 10th November 2022

Air Intake Screens - a different type of filter

A lot of people do not understand the principle behind theair intake screen.

Fly Mesh?

It is sometimes called fly mesh and indeed it does capture insects but that is only one of the ways that it protects your HVAC plant such as chillers and air handling units.

AHU air intake screen with captured debris


It is also called a filter but it is not a traditional air filter which relies on blocking debris. Yes, it does block debris but more importantly it is a "grabber" using it's intrinsically electrostatic properties to capture debris like iron filings to a magnet.

Air intake filter - just brush clean

A different type of filter

Air intake filters are a different way to remove airborne debris. Unlike traditional throw away filters they can be used in a variety of HVAC systems and can protect the air intake on air handling units, chiller coils, cooling towers, louvers and any piece of equipment that moves air.

Road dust from an air intake filter screen

Weather resistant?

Weather resistant they are suitable for both external and internal operation and the electrostatic filter media protects against dust, insects, leaves and other airborne debris.

An air intake screen to an external louvre.

Standard sizes?

Are there any standard sizes? No, is the answer to that. The air intake screen filters can be made to any dimensions and fitted to any model chillers and other plant using durable and secure fasteners. Basically you decide just what size you need to protect the air intake of your equipment and the screens will be made to suit. Standard fasteners are available to suit the application and include self tapping screws, nylon drop tab screw fix and magnetic to ensure that you can hold the filter in position and install with ease. Sometimes in minutes.

Any size you need for an air intake screen.

What applications?

Take a moment to think exactly what applications you might have that need protecting. Can you save your customer money by a combination of efficient filtration and cleaning simplicity which ensures that all HVAC plant will operate closer to the design standard and use less energy.

Just name an application. We will have made an air intake screen for something similar.

Cleaning is simple.

The majority of air intake screens can be cleaned using a hose, vacuum or brush which is a lot easier than cleaning the coil or coils, cooling towers or other hardware. Traditional air filters are protected and last for longer using the option of an air intake screen in line with the air flow.

Clean your air intake screen with a brush, hose or vacuum cleaner.

How do I get an air intake screen?

Easy. Just email and we will arrange for a local agent to contact you. After a brief survey you will get a fixed price quotation and can join the many customers who operate with more efficient equipment whilst saving money.

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