7 good reasons to use a RABScreen Filter

Posted on 16th September 2017

1.       Air intake louvre dirty

If the intake louvre is dirty then the intake ductwork will also be dirty reducing air supply and increasing the risk of bacteriological growth. 

2.       Vermin mesh dirty

Once the vermin mesh starts to pick up pollen and road fumes it soon forms a dirty, difficult to clean layer of grime on the plastic. This will increase resistance and reduce the supply air volumes. In a recent example, this caused a 20% drop in airflow when compared against commissioning data.

3.       Cooling coil clogged

Air cooled coils rely upon the air flowing across the fins which then cools the refrigerant and maintains optimum efficiency. Clogged or dirty coils can cause a 21% drop in efficiency and increase energy demand by as much as 30%.

4.       Increased demand for disposable filter changes

Filter changes are determined by the local environment, the season and the level of airborne particles in the air. Disposable filters capture the contaminants but the more they capture the less efficient they become and this can lead to more regular changes.

5.       Energy use increasing

Air movement equipment must move “x”m3 to ensure that the HVAC demands are satisfied. If the equipment is dirty, the fans will have to work harder to achieve the required volumes.  Try breathing through a small straw in comparison to a large cardboard tube. You must work harder to achieve the same result.

6.       Chemical use increasing

Cooling towers rely upon clean and uncontaminated water to provide the most efficient transfer of heat. Airborne debris is drawn into the pond and this contaminates the water with a nutrient source for bacteria. More chemicals to kill more bugs.

7.       Construction work nearby 

Any form of construction or demolition work will inevitably cause a significant increase in airborne debris. This effects filters and coils by adding more detritus to the local mix. 

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