Protecting the air that you breathe with the unique RABScreen.

Easily installed to all air movement plant, the washable RABScreen will reduce the impact of airborne debris and start saving you money immediately.

  1. Save energy by reducing the clogging effect of debris.
  2. Save labour by reducing cleaning & chemical use.
  3. Save money by extending your disposable filter life.

Call 01635 248633 to find out how or take a look at Questions & Answers. Typical ROI less than 6 months.

For a free, no obligation survey, email and one of us will call you to discuss your application.

Alternatively sketch the opening and we can give you an estimate immediately.

UK and European distributor network......................Free delivery on all UK orders


RABScreens in action - keeping coils and intakes clean
Air intake screen and a London SkylineCarter cooling tower intake with Flakt Woods fan protected by a RABScreen circular filter
RABScreen Air Intake Screens
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