Nightmare on Chiller 2

Posted on 25th June 2018

Yes we all knew it was coming.

The Pollen Bomb.

A sticky substance that attracts more dirt and debris.

And, what has it done to our cooling plant?

  • Infills fin gaps to reduce cooling surface area.
  • Increases discharge head pressure.
  • Prevents refrigerant condencing.
  • Increases energy demand of cooling fans.
  • Causes chiller to fail on high pressure.

Dirty cooling coil


Yet, there is a simple but inefficient solution.

  • Pay your maintenance team more money to check the coils more often.
  • Pay your maintenance team more money to do weekly cleans of your chiller coils.
  • Pay your maintenance team more money  to make sure that they do not not damage the fins,

Or, the efficient RABScreen solution.

  • Call RABScreen on 01656 330730
  • Have one of our team provide a filter solution for YOUR equipment.
  • Clean your coils.
  • Fit the protective PreVent system to YOUR equipment.
  • Watch the discharge pressure increase by less than 1%.
  • Watch as the RABScreen collects a mass of debris in the first 24 hours.
  • Brush or vacuum the RABScreen to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Watch as the reduced energy consumption pays for your filters in less than 6 months..
  • Continue watching the savings for the next 10 years

Filter screen graffiti from Emerald Power and Energy

RABScreen, surely it's a no brainer. 

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