RABScreen - environmentally friendly

Posted on 9th August 2019

RABScreen - environmentally friendly

The last 10 months have been dramatic. Brexit negotiations failing to get approved by parliament, cabinet resignations galore and finally the PM steps down to be replaced by the Boris machine.

In that time industry has been struggling to cope with the reduced value of the pound for imports which have had a competitive edge effect for exports.

At RABScreen we have suffered and succeeded with both sides of the currency fluctuation coin. Hovering around $1.27 earlier this year the Boris effect dropped it to $1.20. This increased costs by 5% but our export customers are delighted as their costs aare reduced. Shipments of washable filters for cruise liners in Norway, AHU inlet filters for manufacturers in Belgium and France, tugboat filters for Western Australia and drilling rig filters for Egypt have all enabled our export business to thrive.

The UK market started to recover in October 2018 and has continued through to the present day with new customers finding RABScreen via consultants and specifiers. The continued success of the RABScreen designs are penetrating the market with customers looking for a truly cost effective alternative to traditional filtration.

16,000 panel filters will last approximately 3 months. A little known fact is that they will fill 8 shipping containers as they go to landfill.

RABScreen filters last a minimum of ten years and so protect the environment as well as the purse strings. Anything that moves air requires filtration. RABScreen filters can be manufactured to any size or shape required. Whether you have a small electrical control cabinet or a massive industrial cooler we can always help.

So, what of the future? Brexit or no Brexit RAB will continue to work on the export and home markets as we continue with the mission to improve air quality and protect valuable equipment.

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