The HFA washable AHU Filter from RABScreen

Posted on 14th November 2022

RABScreen HFA 

Following its successful trials on various sites in the UK we are please to announce the launch of the latest design available to you from RAB Specialist Engineers Limited.

Designed and manufactured in Chicago by the Permatron Corporation the RABScreen HFA is an environmentally friendly solution to standard sacrificial filters.

Using a unitised filter bank design, multiple sets of steel framed media is assembled with distinct separation to create a triple action filtration system. This prefilter/after filter assembly promotes free air flow with superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading. Excess particulates sweep through the prefilter and cross currents within the chamber cause further agglomeration and settlement until the filter is rinsed clean. The outer frame contains strategically placed drain holes for thorough cleaning. To see one being cleaned just click here.

HFA Schematic

Frames are available in galvanised, stainless steel and aluminium the HFA has an average arrestance efficiency of 89% and a low initial air flow resistance of only 5 pascals.

Its sturdy construction makes it far more durable than a sacrificial filter and the multiple layers of our woven electrostatic polypropylene media, plus non-woven polyester means that you can wash, dry and replace for the next five years - GUARANTEED.

The RABScreen HFA is one of a series of innovations available from RAB Specialist Engineers including:

·         BHA and BHC Flexible vinyl borders

·         R1 and R2 Rigid frames

·         M50 Heat welded borders

·         MagnaMount mountings

·         Circular filters for fan cowls

·         Elasticated edge bonnet filters for fan cowls

·         CAS Continuous attachment system for larger openings

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