In the Summertime

Posted on 13th July 2017

In the Summer time when the weather's hot

It has been a long, hot and humid spell in the UK and it has been a pleasure to be in an environment where keeping cool is our only problem.
Air intake screen and a London Skyline

If you work in an air-conditioned office and drive to work in a comfort cooled car then you will have been able to take full advantage of our modern systems.

Train and tube journeys can be a little warmer but at least those of us lucky to have cooling at work can get out of the heat and into the comfort zone.

Most people do not know what goes into making their office or factory this comfortable.

We only complain when it does not work and that is when the maintenance teams get it in the neck.

Hot weather generates more dust and this time of year increases the pollen, seed and other airborne debris levels. The equipment that keeps us cool is under pressure to provide the correct levels of performance.

Cottonwood or spruce seed

Cooling towers, chillers, AHU’s and condensers are all getting increasingly dirty. This dirt reduces efficiencies by up to 21% and increases the amount of energy required to maintain the system at design peformance levels.

In some instances, this can create a massive 30% surge in electrical demand.  

What can you do about it?

The RABScreen was introduced to the UK market in 2012 and has been protecting equipment in every environment from as little as £40.00 with the patented Wrap Around.

Chiller coils, condensers, AHU air intakes, louvres, cooling towers, generators and compressors can all use the RABScreen PreVent® system to protect and enhance equipment performance.

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