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Cooling Tower Air Intake Filter Screens 

Whether you have forced or induced draft cooling towers one of the major responsibilities is maintaining a clean water environment. That's why having a high performance cooling tower air intake filter is critical and you should be installing cooling tower screens. Variflow screens for industrial cooling towers and counterflow cooling towers. Remember Cleaner is Smarter

Insects, leaves, seed and other airborne debris will create a nutrient source which allows the legionella bacteria to thrive and increases the need for disinfection and cleaning. A 200-ton cooling tower will draw in over 300kgs debris during a typical cooling season. This leads to increased cooling tower cleaning and lower operational efficiency which means that your business requires increaqsed equipment services. .

Chemical water treatment does control the effects of these microbial organisms, but on its own does not serve to eliminate the habitat that promotes the proliferation of organisms. To combat this problem, we have designed and produced a cooling tower debris screen that filters all of the incoming air into your cooling tower and other industrial facilities

Using a cooling tower air intake filter system provides effective filtration against insects, pollen, dust and leaves for enhanced performance. Suitable for internal and external applications.

Our cooling tower screens are available to order for any application so get in touch with us today to discuss your new air intake filtration screen for industrial facilities

When your filter screen gets dirty, clean it and leave it protecting your tower for at least 10 years. Free of charge delivery to UK sites. 

Mounting Options

RABScreen cooling tower protection filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

Just call or email to see how we can save start saving you money.


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