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RABScreen are specialist air filter manufacturers and industrial filter distributors who are capable of supplying a range of air intake filters for a variety of industrial applications including air conditioner filter screens, air-cooled chillers cottonwood filter screens, air handlers, furnace filters. Our technologically advanced filters are manufactured from engineered industrial hvac mesh designed to enhance the efficiency of your disposable air filters, by providing a reusable high performance solution that has increased filtration capabilities on your air conditioning coil and and mechanical equipment. 

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Our air filters can be installed to all air movement plant, providing an all in one solution for your air intake filtration requirements. The unique HFA replacement panel filter can be washed and will last you for a guaranteed five years. Our air intake filter screens will save you both time and money in reduced maintenance and lower energy costs so contact us today for your best cottonwood filter screens for condenser coils.
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Typical ROI less than 6 months

RABScreen slide out air intake filters on a Carrier rooftop chiller

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We manufacture and distribute the unique RABScreen air intake filter screen across Europe and the UK. We are also well-regarded for our technical support and expertise in air filtration products. RABScreen was formed in 2013 and has the design and manufacturing experience to ensure that your valuable air movement assets are protected from airborne debris.


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AIr intake filter screens for AHU intakes
Carrier chiller air intake filter screens with rigid aluminium frame
Coolers and Condensers air intake filter screens by RABScreen
RABScreen model R magnetic framed air intake filter screens on a Geoclima supermarket chiller
Common plenum RABScreen air intake filter screens at Southmead hospital
RABScreen coil protection air intake screens on a Trane chiller
BAC cooling tower intake filters supplied and fitted in this building
RABSCreen wrap around filter screens on small condensers at a recycling plant in Oxon.

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RABScreen filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

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We now have a further 60 of these magnetic filters on the production lines. They are doing a splendid job and saving us time and money. We hope to do the remaining lines in 2019.
Dean H. Sofidel

The issue is due to us working in a dusty paper environment when they blow down the machine these filters clog up and the operator isn’t very proactive in cleaning the filters. With the plastic covering over the filter paper too it isn’t obvious when the filter is blocked. When he actually does clean the filter he isn’t careful when removing the filter paper from the holder and the dust just gets sucked into the panel.
With your magnetic filter’s it is plain to see when the filter is dirty as it is visible. When removing the magnetic filter the dust clings to the filter and makes it easier to clean as the dust doesn’t fall off. It makes the process of cleaning them easier and more obvious. 

Dean H. Sofidel

Funny enough, I have been to see one of our Clients this morning who is looking to add more screens to their equipment. Whilst on site, I took a photo showing how the kit benefits from the installation. This has recently been hit by a forklift and lived to tell the tale, great product.

Trevor C - Clever Engineering

Great company to deal with, we use RAB on a regular basis as they know and understand the industry very well.Highly recommend their services.

Simon Dennis - Blue Sky Cooling

our customers are very impressed with the quality of this product. The amount of dirt that the mesh filters collect is clearly visable, thus saving the coils from constant cleaning. The mesh is easy to clean and remove.

Andrew A. Trane-Ingersoll Rand

A great company to do business with.RAB offer excellent products and services at highly competitive rates. A good product is supported by the extensive technical knowledge and customer service levels we all aim for

Nick S. GVS Filtration

"Hi Richard. They are collecting a lot of debris which is good! Keeping the screens clean maintains performance" 

Steve S, CBRE

"These screens are amazing !!!! They should be on every piece of HVAC roof top unit, and cooling tower" 

Mike Reidy, Roto Aire

"We have installed the screen and it is already doing its job brilliantly!" 

MB  Community Estates Officer, NHS

"Fitted the first batch of filters on some Denco units less than a week ago and they are already covered. Unbelievable"

Simon Dennis - Blue Sky Cooling

“RAB's Air Intake Screens doing the job. What a little gem these screens are”

Mick Grehan - Emerald Power and Energy.

"Makes total sense, well from an engineers point of view anyway...Protect your condensers, guys, I'm not going to harp on about the benefits here as there are more qualified people on here that ramble up the calcs, but I know from recent experience the screens work :)"  

Dave Lewis - Tech Services (HVAC) Limited

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