Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Handling Units 

External air intakes are designed to supply large quantities of air throughout a building, distributing the air where required through a system of internal ductwork. Cleaning this air and ensuring that it is free from a range of particulates and other forms of debris is an integral part of your HVAC system functioning correctly.

Our specialism is in manufacturing and supplying a range of filtration screens which are designed to assist in the air filtration process, in turn increasing the efficiency of your entire HVAC system.

The RABScreen HVAC filter is designed to fit across the air intake of your AHU louvres, acting as a primary filtration screen which is going to dramatically reduce the amount of debris and dust entering your HVAC system and extend the lifespan of each disposable air filter by up to 60%. The end result is a system that performs better and costs less to run and maintain. Our unique HFA replaces standard panel filters with a guaranteed five year service life product which can be washed and reused,  See video here Video

Through our expertise, we can supply an air filter that will vastly improve your buildings HVAC provision so contact us today for an overview of your options. 

Mounting Options

RABScreen air intake protection filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

Just call or email to see how we can save start saving you money.


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