Chiller Air Intake Screens for Reduced HVAC Chiller Maintenance 
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Cooling Plant Air Intake Protection

All air conditioning and cooler units are fitted with coils which are tasked with providing cooling capability.

“When the coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide complete or adequate heat transfer, a process that was predicated on a clean coil. The equipment’s compressor senses this and tries to overcome it by going to a higher system pressure. This consumes greater levels of electricity” Professor John Tomczyk

These coils are wholly reliant on remaining clean and free from dust and other forms of debris to perform their job effectively, with the presence of a 1mm layer of coil dust having the ability to increase energy consumption by up to 30%.

Choosing to protect your cooling units with a RABScreen will reduce the need for costly maintenance procedures by extending the timespane between costly coil cleaning in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Our air filtration screens can also be mounted in a variety of ways, providing a versatile filtration solution for all of your HVAC plant and equipment with a max. operating temperature 120 degrees C.

When it gets dirty, clean it and leave it protecting your chiller systems for at least 10 years.

Mounting Options
RABScreen coil protection filters

RABScreen filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

RABScreen max. operating temperature 120 degrees C

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