RABScreen panel filters have been designed to provide a long-term cost solution for AHU users and maintainers. Designed to be more efficient and yet more environmentally friendly the Chicago designed range effectively replaces sacrificial panels.

Permatron are both the design team and manufacturing facility behind this unique offering to the UK market. The range consists of:

DustEater® Electrostatic Air Filter – maximum arrestance for allergy relief

HFA Electrostatic Air Filter – high efficiency for hospitals, laboratories, food processing and pharmaceutical plants

IN Electrostatic Air Filter – low resistance for high velocity air

MMA Metal Mesh Air Filter – low resistance industrial filter

 MME Metal Mesh Mist Eliminator – low resistance oil mist or water droplet collector

Marine and Corrosive Environment Filters – Duralo™, DuraFoam™ and DuraLoft™

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