Case Studies

Safety & Best Practice

A major food manufacturer was running two Baltimore VX cooling towers at a site in West London. Upon advice from BAC these towers were fitted with side stream filtration to clean the sump water using their strainer basket method. The maintenance of these strainers requires that bypass piping is installed to allow the metal screen to be removed for cleaning.


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Protecting HVAC Equipment Made Easy

HVAC mechanical systems present a variety of challenges to facilities managers and probably cost more than any other item in the facilities budget.

Representing a high percentage of capital costs and operating expenses in repairs, replacements and energy costs, an HVAC system generates an estimated 25 percent of the total energy use in commercial and institutional buildings.

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Cooling Coil Filters

The majority of cooling coils lie unprotected from airborne particulate. Cooling coil air intakes are most commonly found on HVAC chillers, condensers, dry air coolers and in your local supermarket at the bottom of the refrigerated display cabinet.

Cooling coils rely upon the passage of air across the fins to enable the refrigeration system to dissipate heat.

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Datacentre Chiller Protection

A small industrial area, with a non-descript unit surrounded by high-security fencing, it was not a public access site.
Two new Daikin EWAQ520F-XL010 chillers were installed into a new, high wall plant compound just before the local council granted planning permission for construction on an adjacent field.  

Paul Hanstock Air Conditioning Limited needed a solution and contacted RABScreen for advice.

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Cooling Tower Efficiency

Cooling tower efficiency relies upon maintaining a clean and debris free sump. If you keep it clean you reduce the risk of the biological sludge creating a nutrient source for legionella bacteria.

RABScreen client, Tower Systems, were tasked with solving the problem of airborne debris on the AT8-99D & 1 No AT 8-912 Open Circuit Induced Draft Cooling Towers manufactured by Evapco.

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Extracting the benefit

What can you do when you have a very old oak tree above your chillers?

It is nice in Spring and Summer and may actually provide additional shade to reduce the heating load. There may be some additional bird droppings to cope with but it’s not really a problem.

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Generator sets in dusty climes

One of our clients recently purchased four second hand generators from an airport. Although an important part of the emergency systems they had only completed a short service life of less than 90 hours.

Now they were in a quarry with no other form of electrical power supply. Their new duty required them to work for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week in order to power the crushers, conveyor belts, screens and other miscellaneous equipment associated with mining and processing stone.

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NHS Savings with air intake filter screens

The Health Estate Journal recently ran an article under the heading "Small investments, huge savings".

It states that one of the key conclusions from the IHEEM Healthcare Estates 2014 conference was that basic energy efficiency measures could "shave millions of pounds from NHS estates' running costs", and that hospitals and other healthcare buildings face both "an air conditioning legal crisis", and a growing threat from outdoor air pollution.

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The only problem with running a high efficiency recycling centre is exactly that.

By the nature of the beast a recycling centre creates debris and in this particular case further contamination came from the local land fill site.

Filter changes were a weekly task. Energy efficiency could not be maintained and the cost of new filters and the labour involved made this a significant problem.

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RABScreen filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

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