Filter myths

Electrostatic filter myths

– Air Filter Myth #1 –

Unlike HEPA air cleaners, electrostatic air filters are generally not effective for the removal of submicron-sized particles, such as gases, from indoor air. However, cleaning the air of submicron-size particles is not critical for most residential and commercial applications. The particles that foul the air, trigger allergies, and may cause adverse health effects are much larger in size. Examples include pollen, dust and mould spores.

– Air Filter Myth #2 –

A second misconception is that electrostatic air filters can cause system trouble. Due to their permanent nature, electrostatic filters require no change-outs. Instead, they must be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Further, if the filter is properly designed, buildup on the front panel (face loading) is minimised in case a regular cleaning schedule is not strictly adhered to. Cleaning simply involves back flushing with water, a job that can easily be built into a service contract. In commercial applications that require multiple air filters, two filters can be purchased. When monthly cleaning occurs, a clean filter set is immediately installed and the dirty set is cleaned at a more convenient time.

– Air Filter Myth #3 –

A third misconception concerns the idea that steel frames can discharge electrostatic media. By definition, static electricity is static. That is, it stays in one place, unlike electrical current that flows through a conductor. Polypropylene media is not a conductor, and static electricity is not a current. It is impossible to ground out the static electric charge of the filter media. Steel frames have significant advantages, including structural strength. This is especially important in a product that is regularly handled for cleaning, and is exposed to a variety of challenges, such as humidity and temperature variations or extremes.

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