The problem with fruit flies

8th January

With the snappy name Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly or vinegar fly breeds quickly and lays many eggs. Being only 3-4mm long, including wings, this is a very small fly and it can avoid filters easily. Most filters ...
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Central Middlesex Hospital RABSCreen - BACTICELL Partnership

13th December 2017

It was an interesting request. “Do you do a mesh screen that can be inserted inside existing duct work i.e. create a frame and then cut a channel in the duct work to be able to fit it and maintain it?” With over 25 years’ expe ...
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22nd November 2017

Four UK companies have recently teamed up to provide a complete filtering solution to HVAC users. RABScreen, Galebreaker, DHD Cooling, and GVS Filter Technology, all specialists in their fields, have come together to offer compr ...
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Coil Maintenance is Crucial to Efficient Cooling Systems

8th November 2017

If you are involved with Building Services, you will recognise the above statement as one of the pre-cursors of effective PPM’s. It’s not just old systems that need cleaning. In fact, the newer and more efficient your HVAC syst ...
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The RABScreen Keder System

7th November 2017

RABScreen will be showing their showcase product “The RABScreen Keder System” at the HVACR show in January. It is the latest in easy to fit designs by RAB Specialist Engineers in association with DHD Cooling. Uniquely combining ...
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Keeping your cool all year round: Managing your HVAC through the seasons

25th October 2017

Maintaining HVAC equipment is a challenge all year round. As the seasons change, so do the obstacles for building managers. Richard Betts, Founder of RABScreen, discusses the importance of protecting HVAC equipment and how a sim ...
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Atishoo and RABScreen Bonnet Filters

6th October 2017

Northwood Hygiene Products Limited is one of the few companies in the UK that is vertically integrated and involved from the raw material supply through to end-user product conversion. The start of the cycle starts with over 40 ...
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RABScreen exhibiting at the HVACR Show January 2018

5th October 2017

RABScreen will be at the HVACR Show between January 23rd and January 25th 2018.Working with our major distributor, GVS Filter Technology Limited, we will be showing new and innovative ways to combine the long-lasting RABScreen wit ...
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7 good reasons to use a RABScreen Filter

16th September 2017

1.       Air intake louvre dirty If the intake louvre is dirty then the intake ductwork will also be dirty reducing air supply and increasing the risk of bacteriological growth.  2.       Vermin mesh dirty Once the vermin mes ...
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The cost of disposable filtration

24th August 2017

Most people know that air handling equipment contains not just one, but multiple layers of filtration, each intended to cleanse to the 'fresh air' drawn into the building. In a typical air handling environment, the first line ...
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