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RABScreen and the CBRE Great Idea Event

17th August

RAB Specialist Engineers (AKA RABScreen) are delighted to be selected in the first round of CBRE’s ‘Great Idea’ event. CBRE invited its suppliers to present new and exciting solutions to benefit its customers. The first round ...
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What shape? Any shape!

18th July

First you look at a job and think well that seems simple enough – fit RABScreen air intake filter screens to protect the low-level plant area from routine debris and local construction dust. However, the filters could not be fi ...
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Nightmare on Chiller 2

25th June

Yes we all knew it was coming. The Pollen Bomb.A sticky substance that attracts more dirt and debris. And, what has it done to our cooling plant? Infills fin gaps to reduce cooling surface area.Increases discharge head pressure.Pr ...
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Tired of debris in your cooling tower

10th May

We recently received an order from one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers.   Excessive debris was being drawn into the Cooling Towers via the air intake fan and silencer duct. Unlike similar fans the Elta unit had a mesh ...
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It’s that pollen filter time again.

17th April

Spring is finally here, and the weather is, apparently, warming up. Many hay fever sufferers are already feeling the effects of tree pollen and the forecast for 17th April was for high pollen counts pretty much everywhere. Eve ...
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How does a chiller work?

19th March

Basic chiller principles In most cooling applications, chillers use a pump to circulate cool water or refrigerant to whatever it is designed to cool. This liquid then removes any heat from the process (the system or machine it is ...
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Filtering into the environment

7th March

The recent decision by the Chinese to reject UK waste is a problem. In the UK, we produce 400 million tons of waste every year, and most of it comes from the quarrying, mining, demolition and construction industries respectively ...
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The Benefits of the PreVent® Air Filtration System

21st February

Environmental elements are a challenge for any air intake system. Outdoor elements, like dust, insects, and seeds cause airflow obstructions that can lead to costly damage repairs to your HVAC units. Whether your equipment is la ...
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The problem with fruit flies

8th January

With the snappy name Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly or vinegar fly breeds quickly and lays many eggs. Being only 3-4mm long, including wings, this is a very small fly and it can avoid filters easily. Most filters ...
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Central Middlesex Hospital RABSCreen - BACTICELL Partnership

13th December 2017

It was an interesting request. “Do you do a mesh screen that can be inserted inside existing duct work i.e. create a frame and then cut a channel in the duct work to be able to fit it and maintain it?” With over 25 years’ expe ...
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