Mounting Options

Stainless Steel Grommet

A 9.5mm stainless steel grommet securely fixed to the vinyl border and combined with drop tab marine grade fittings to simply "hook" into position. Alternatively a 6.5mm grommet can be fitted to allow the use of 6.3mm self-drilling stitching screws.

Standard 9.5mm grommet fixing

MagnaMount™ Magnetic Mounting Clips

The latest in unique mounting solutions provides a secure fix without drilling. These quick & easy
mounts will attach to all magnetic surfaces directly. For non magnetic surfaces we supply the MOUNTPLATE which is a steel plate with a self-adhesive backing.


Also known as hook and loop this simple fixing method uses a loop section sewn onto the vinyl edge of the filter. The self-adhesive hook side is attached to the equipment's housing. The RABScreenair intake screen is then easily mounted and removed.

Hook and loop fastening

Bungee cord

On smaller external condensers we use our Wrap Around RABScreen which is then secured with the Permatron bungee cord.  This makes the RABScreen air intake filter easy to fit and remove for maintenance.

A simple wrap around air intake screen

Rigid Frame

The RABScreen air intake screens can be mounted in a metal frame to aid installation into filter banks.  Pressed steel, folded steel, plastic, aluminium and profiled sections are available but we normally recommend galvanised steel or stainless steel. Mount in your U-channel, C-channel or fabricated slot for a long lasting and washable filter solution. Just ask the question if you want something different.

AHU intake with R2 filter screens

Vinyl Border Options

The marine grade vinyl border is available in two widths and can be supplied with or without grommets. For a magnetic fix, a small pocket is sewn into the border to allow for the insertion of a magnetic strip up to 1m in length or neodymium MagnaPlates. Larger pockets are available for 50mm tube which can be used as a weight, where there are no fixings at ground level, or as a hanging rail. Standard border widths are 19mm and 32mm but if you want something different just ask and we will create an easy fix for your RABScreen air intake filter screen.

Dunham Bush Chiller

Galvanised slide bed + frame

Using a combination of framed air intake sceens and our profiled slide bed we can produce an easy to remove and maintain RABScreenfilter for your "V" coil chillers.

Vee coil framed air intake screens

Rigid Frame + Magnet

On screen sizes less than 0.65m2 we rivet a magnetic strip to the framework. Pressed steel, folded steel, aluminium and profiled sections are available and as long as you have a 12mm wide steel key for the magnet to attach to then there is no easier way to fit and remove the RABScreen air intake screen.

Drop tab marine grade fittings

Nylon 66 fittings manufactured by StayPut™ to provide an easy lock and release fixing style. Supplied free of charge with 9.5mm grommet RABScreenair intake filter screens.

StayPut drop tab fastener kit

Multiple fixing types

RABScreenair intake filter screens.are not restricted to a single fixing type per filter. In the  example shown we used a combination of 6.5 grommets and self drilling screws, Velcro and Magnamounts. The right fixing or fixings to produce the right screen.

Pattern cut + MagnaMount

RABScreen filters can be used wherever you have air movement and, because they are weather resistant, are suitable for both internal and external applications.

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