Does quality improve when you pay more for a product?

15th August

No it does not. Product value and product quality do not have to be mutually exclusive. Many other businesses dabble in multi trade specialties but we at RABScreen prefer to concentrate on filtration. RABScreen represent the C ...
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RABScreen and the GBR-DHD Deployment System

9th August

Large Air Intake Screens In association with DHD Cooling we have introduced the new British engineered deployment system, with both manual and automatic activation. Manually the user simply uses the chain driven roller to raise ...
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Safety and Best Practice

18th July

A major food manufacturer was running two Baltimore VX cooling towers at a site in West London. Upon advice from BAC these towers were fitted with side stream filtration to clean the sump water using their strainer basket method. ...
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Protecting HVAC Equipment Made Easy

17th July

HVAC mechanical systems present a variety of challenges to facilities managers and probably cost more than any other item in the facilities budget. Representing a high percentage of capital costs and operating expenses in repai ...
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In the Summertime

13th July

In the Summer time when the weather's hot It has been a long, hot and humid spell in the UK and it has been a pleasure to be in an environment where keeping cool is our only problem. If you work in an air-conditioned office and ...
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30th June

Surprises and Prizes Selling can be a difficult and lonely job, even with a unique product like the RABScreen. Long journeys, overnight stops, continuous knock backs are things that every salesperson recognises. It is, however, ...
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Why pay more?

22nd June

Something has been bothering me for a while. I understand why it is more cost effective to appoint a managing company to organise various sub-contract trades under one banner. Let’s face it, that’s what I did for 20 years. That ...
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Datacentre Chiller Protection

16th June

A small industrial area, with a non-descript unit surrounded by high-security fencing, it was not a public access site. Two new Daikin EWAQ520F-XL010 chillers were installed into a new, high wall plant compound just before the ...
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Wrap Around Air Intake Filters

15th June

RABScreen Wrap Around The RABScreen Wrap Around filter is available in “a one size fits all”, cut-to-fit style using black PVC coated polyester high abrasion media. Simply wrap the filter around the outer perimeter of the air ...
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RABScreen DuctSox

15th June

RABScreen DuctSox™ Three Dimensional Filter Socks For exhaust or supply ducts where filtration is required we can supply any size of filter sock which can be fitted over the end of the spiral ductwork. Fixed into position with ...
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